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About Us

In 2009, Applied Chemistries was incorporated by Brian St. Pierre after a 15-year career in the printing industry and owning/operating a plate converting business for five years. Catering to primarily printers and printing supply distributors initially, we benefited immensely from Brian’s wealth of knowledge in troubleshooting offset and sheetfed pressroom &  pre-press issues. 

As our products and technical expertise increased print quality and productivity, our reputation and demand for space grew. Eventually, we settled into our current headquarters, a 20,000 sq/ft facility efficiently laid out in Agawam, a suburb of Springfield, MA. 

Driving our growth is a highly talented team of technically sound research chemists and technical sales representatives based in the U.S., Canada, and Asia. 

Our roots in the printing industry continue to grow, with dozens of stock, custom products, and superior chemical formulations of competitive offerings being produced for the pressroom. In addition, we have branched out to handle highly technical industrial challenges, such as developing and producing photoengraving chemicals, etchants, oil and gas indicators and perfecting superior touchless washes and ceramic sealants for vehicles.

As we look to new opportunities & markets, we are confident in our ability to tackle complex chemical problems across industry verticals, helping our clients create lucrative new products and businesses by formulating technically advanced chemistries for specialty applications..