From performing incoming raw material inspections to ensuring their lot traceability through to finished products, our Quality Assurance Department imposes strict controls on our processes, including:

  • Determining the exact grade, purity and specifications of purchased raw materials
  • Directing the periodic calibration of scales, meters, test equipment and analytical instruments
  • Creating and maintaining detailed manufacturing instructions on each production batch, including order of addition, mix times, lot numbers, safe handling procedures, packaging requirements and required testing
  • Plotting and continually reviewing product specifications to ensure manufacturing consistency and ways to improve
  • Performing comprehensive finished product testing
  • Maintaining an effective corrective action system to perform root cause analysis and correct mistakes for good  
It’s steeped in our culture and our continuous improvement voyage, ingredients must be to spec, formulations must mix properly, cartons must hold their weight - along with hundreds of other steps - or our employees can stop the process. Your products don’t ship unless they’re right.
GHS Warning Labels
From proper GHS pictograms to required Prop65 warnings, we provide you with what you need to comply.

Additionally, our Quality Assurance Department oversees the production of our Safety Data Sheets, GHS labeling requirements and adherence to California Prop65 regulations. We will guide you through associated Safe Harbor Numbers, Safe Use Determinations, Warning Labels and more.