Our answer to the many problems HUV/LED press owners have been facing! Designed specifically for Hybrid UV (HUV) & Light Emitting Diode (LED) inks, this complete fountain solution can also be interchanged at the same dosage for customers running Conventional inks intermittently on both Sheetfed and Web Presses.

This product keeps blankets and metering rollers exceptionally clean, provides unmatchable color stability, and has been proven with Toyo, INX, HUBER, Megami, Flint, T&K Toka, Wyckoff and many other ink suppliers.

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Press Master 46 Sheetfed Fountain Solution

This is a Universal Pink, Harsh Conditions, One-Step, Economical Alcohol-Free Fountain Solution designed for small sized Sheetfed Presses running ANY ink (including UV & EB). This an excellent fount for dampeners originally designed to run alcohol.

Works with Conventional, Thermal & Violet Plates Without Affecting Plate Image and runs in HARD/Uncontrolled Water Environments.

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Press Master News Fount DD

This is a Cold Set, Very Mild Acid Fountain Solution for newspapers with re-circulation systems. Excellent at providing Fast Rollups & Clean Restarts, this product also reduces Tinting and Toning.

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Press Master RMK

This is a Very Concentrated, One-Step, Mild Acid, Alcohol-Free Fountain Solution designed for High-Quality Printing Applications. This product provides outstanding compatibility with TOYO inks running on Ryobi, Komori & Mitsubishi presses. Added Buffers & Decalcifiers reduce the need for cleaning tanks.

This product is dosed at only 2-3 oz/gal, providing fantastic value for premium-quality printers.

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Press Master HGA 5.0

This is an All Conditions, Mild Acid, Alcohol-Free Fountain Solution designed for Develop On Press (DOP) Plates. This product is used for both Conventional & UV Inks and is compatible with ALL Dampening Systems. A higher pH (4.8-5.0) formula, HGA 5.0 also prevents plate sensitivity.

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Clarity Gold

This Complete Fountain Solution is designed for both Sheet-Fed and Web presses utilizing Conventional or H-UV/LED Inks.

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