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Chemical Etching

At Applied Chemistries, we’re used to our clients coming to us with challenging etching requirements. We specialize in the creation of the highest quality etch additives for a diverse range of metals and substrates both in the US and abroad. Our team of chemists can customize an etchant to suit your specific needs, providing all the physical properties you require for uniform processing results along with unprecedented value to help keep costs low. 

Starting with the lab testing phase where we work with substrates that are exposed, and developed, we test a variety of different chemistry formulations for material compatibility before building the system to verify the process outcome. With the outcome verified and before full-scale production can begin with the etchant specifically made for the application, our team spends considerable time with the client to ensure that the entire process would be fast and efficient compared with other systems on the market. Over the past few years we have developed industry leading etch additives for copper, zinc, magnesium and stainless. 

With Applied Chemistries on your team, you can feel confident knowing that your needs are being taken care of by industry specialists who will deliver custom etching solutions. 


Typical Applications


  • Lead Frames
  • SMT Stencils
  • Coffee Filters
  • Speaker Grills
  • EM/RFI Shielding
  • Flow Disks

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