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Industrial Grade Silicone

Industrial-grade silicone is designed for use in demanding applications across various industries. It is known for its excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and durability. Industrial-grade silicone can be found in multiple forms, such as sealants, adhesives, coatings, and elastomers. 


As one of the leading industrial-grade silicone manufacturers in the USA, we understand the importance of having the correct silicone formulation for your needs. When produced to our high standard and backed by our quality guarantee and protection against sudden changes in pricing and availability, the product’s versatility, durability, and resistance to environmental conditions provide our customers with a unique, multi-functional combination of benefits.


Uses of Industrial-Grade Silicone:


  1. Automotive industry: In the manufacturing and maintaining vehicles, industrial-grade silicone is used for gaskets, hoses, seals, and electrical insulation. It can withstand high temperatures and resist chemicals, making it ideal for these applications.
  2. Aerospace industry: Industrial-grade silicone is used in aircraft and spacecraft sealing, bonding, and insulating components. It provides resistance to extreme temperatures and pressure and protection against harsh environmental conditions.
  3. Electronics: Silicone is used to encapsulate and protect sensitive electronic components, as a thermal interface material for heat dissipation, and as an insulating material in high-voltage applications. It’s electrical insulating properties and heat resistance make it well-suited for these uses.
  4. Construction: Industrial-grade silicone sealants and adhesives are used in building and construction applications to create watertight seals, bond materials and provide a flexible, durable, and weather-resistant barrier.
  5. Medical and pharmaceutical industries: While industrial-grade silicone may not be suitable for direct contact with the human body, it is often used in the manufacturing and packaging medical and pharmaceutical products due to its chemical inertness and ability to resist bacterial growth.
  6. Food and beverage industry: Industrial-grade silicone is used in food processing and packaging equipment, as it can withstand high temperatures, is easy to clean, and has low toxicity. It is often used for seals, gaskets, and tubing.
  7. Textile industry: Silicone coatings are applied to fabrics to enhance their water resistance, durability, and other properties.
  8. Oil and gas industry: Industrial-grade silicone is used for sealing, gasketing, and insulating applications in extreme environments, such as oil rigs and pipelines, where resistance to chemicals, heat, and pressure is crucial.


Securing Supply Chains Against Global Disruptions


For our clients, partnering with a local, US-based chemical company for their industrial-silicone needs offers many benefits, most notably reducing the over-reliance on international suppliers based in Asia and a hedge against rising raw material and manufacturing prices. With global supply chains at the mercy of disruptions, most recently vulnerabilities exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, sourcing silicone from a domestic supplier translates to shorter lead times, quicker responses to fluctuating market demand, and decreased logistical complexities. Most importantly, this closer relationship with the material source ensures product quality and consistency while promoting strong communication and collaboration between suppliers and clients. Lastly, supporting a US-based silicone supplier bolsters the domestic economy and job market while adhering to stringent environmental and safety regulations. In doing so, businesses can contribute to sustainable growth while minimizing the risk of supply chain disruptions.


Why Work With Us


Through our years of expertise in the industry, we have developed a comprehensive silicone portfolio supported by our team of capable researchers & chemists. Unmatched in our formulation & blending capability, testing & technical support functions, and packaging, labeling, and distribution capabilities, our mission is to be that supplier of choice for all your silicone needs, providing you with the finest quality product, service, and technical expertise, geared toward your specific process or application regardless of your industry.

We take the time to understand your business. The unique challenges you’re facing and how we can bring our full range of capabilities to bear in helping you solve those challenges. With our history of tackling the most complex chemical challenges, rest assured that your needs are in the right hands.

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