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Contract & Toll Chemical Manufacturing

We understand how difficult it can be to achieve scale in your chemical manufacturing process. The investment required to meet your goals can be prohibitive, from infrastructure to manpower, safety concerns, and licensure requirements. 

At Applied Chemistries, we’ve built our reputation on tackling challenges related to consistency, scale up, technical improvements and logistics. Our capabilities are geared around delivering you a market-leading product, whether that’s an optimized version of an existing one or a groundbreaking new product entirely.

A Partner You Can Trust

With over two decades worth of experience behind us, we are pioneers in the field of contract and toll chemical manufacturing. With manufacturers & distributors of specialized products ranging from specialty agricultural and industrial products to innovative consumer-focused formulations, we have the capabilities to make the formulations work and support your production process through sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. With very low minimum volume requirements. 

 We are the partner of choice for firms searching for a better way to outsource their chemical manufacturing without sacrificing quality. Our dedication to continual infrastructure improvements and investments in a highly-trained team of qualified chemists and researchers has seen us work with clients on both short-term capacity and long-term strategic contracts across the country. 

A Partner For Growth

From our laboratory and state-of-the-art research facility to our manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure, we are in the growth business, leveraging our know-how across verticals to consistently deliver high-quality & cost-effective products for your business compared to in-house production. Our chemical processing services are available for a variety of requirements & applications and are meticulously designed to give you the finest quality in the industry. Whether it’s preparing material for testing or providing post-production inspection our goal is to  and variations that are essential in maximizing a product’s function and performance.  

Our laboratory and state-of-the-art research facilities provide the insight to meet your specific product requirements. This insight, supported by our tried and tested systems, processes, and people, makes the entire process of finding a chemical manufacturing partner frictionless. When you work with us, we function as an extension of your production process, enabling you to increase efficiency, save space, reduce labor costs, and ensure an uninterrupted supply of critical chemical components for your operations.

Our ability to customize our manufacturing and logistics processes enables us to expertly craft your custom chemical requirements and get it to you where you need it and when you need it. Whether toll-based or contract-based, you can count on us to leverage our experience and connections to maximize the performance in the production of your specialty chemicals. 

Our Process

Although the outcome and materials used differ from client to client, at its core, our contract & toll chemical manufacturing process adheres to a time-tested technique that we have perfected over the years we have been in the business. 

Step 1 

We deep-dive into your business to get a clear understanding of the challenges you’re facing, what product is currently being used to address them, and why you believe that a reformulation or process improvement is required. With this understanding of the challenge in place, we spend time with our research team to figure out a clear path forward, investigating the latest technologies to apply to your application. 

Step 2

With our internal discussions as the foundation of the road ahead, we create a detailed path forward that sets clear and defined expectations and specifications for the project.  Timelines and costs are laid out along with contingency plans for any roadblocks that may come up. 

Step 3

The project focal outlines the production and quality requirements to the larger team, and the work on the project commences.  Weekly check-ins with the team to discuss progress and pitfalls are reported back to the customer.  

Step 4

Once the work is completed, the team creates samples and documents processing parameters shared with the client for review and validation that the initial project requirements have been met. 

Step 5

With the selection process done, we provide a production quote outlining the next steps. Should the client approve, our next focus is the creation of quality documents that include Work Instructions, SDS, GHS labeling and shipping. . 

Step 6

With all the groundwork on the Pilot Project done, full-fledged production begins with the client continuing to submit purchase orders to the project manager and us getting down to the business of manufacturing and delivery. 

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