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Wastewater Treatment

All across the country, water-intensive industrial applications and local governments that need wastewater treatment solutions trust us to provide chemical solutions that help them operate efficiently and profitably.  Our chemical treatments are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and application, and our team has the expertise to recommend the right treatment for your unique situation.

Many industrial plants discharge wastewater that must be treated before it can be released into the environment. The same is true for municipalities that release wastewater from their sewer systems. In both cases, chemical treatment of the wastewater is critical to achieving compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

The wastewater treatment chemicals we provide are effective in removing pollutants like oils, grease, solids, and heavy metals. Our chemical treatments also help to stabilize the wastewater so that it can be safely disposed of. In addition, our products can help to reduce odors and minimize the formation of harmful disinfection byproducts.

With decades of experience to fall back on, our team of researchers and chemists tackle the many inherent challenges that wastewater treatment presents with a growing solutions portfolio that addresses our clients’ growing needs. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the right chemical treatment for your specific situation, and we offer products that are effective in removing pollutants and stabilizing wastewater. 

We have developed a wide range of standard and custom formulated water treatment chemicals that help our clients with:

  • Protecting local water systems
  • Conservation of existing water resources
  • Maximize energy usage while minimizing demand
  • Improving legacy systems & overall operating efficiency
  • Extending the shelf life of essential operating machinery
  • Reducing wear and tear

And more…

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