Our roots go back to the days of Wipe On pre-sensitized litho plates and we rode the technology roller coaster through Conventional, Thermal and Violet CTP, and now DOP Develop on Press printing plates. Has anything remained the same? We are now utilizing Hybrid UV and LED cured inks, the stocks are vastly different and full of calcium, plate technology and graining has changed, and the new press dampening systems are far from the old alcohol running founts.

Our chemists and formulators are on top of these vast changes and we have full technical expertise in both pre-press and pressroom products. Our fountain solutions and press chemistries are second to none and are formulated to meet today’s challenging print environment.

As a boutique chemical manufacturer, we look at our customers specific print market. We evaluate the typical stocks, inks, dampening systems, plates, coatings, etc., that they are using and we formulate solutions specifically for there unique needs and problems. Through utilization of our Duke Ink/water emulsification equipment, evaluation of ink bleeds, and our experience with the pressroom, we deliver products that run efficiently with less ink and less water and provide print quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

If you’re having any print related issues, contact us, we love to investigate and help solve issues and improve quality.

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