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Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

Cutting Fluid

Having a medium viscosity, our Jobz Professional Heavy Duty Cutting Oil is designed for broaching, drilling, boring, grinding and other difficult machining operations.

It’s formulated with active sulfur making it most suited for ferrous metals such as carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel. Caution: it may cause staining on nonferrous metals such as brass and aluminum.

It’s long lasting due to a high reserve of active sulfur and calcium extreme pressure additives. The combination allows the sulfur to extend your tool life, while the calcium provides rust protection. 

 Its other benefits include:

  • Minimal smoking 
  • Lower disposal costs since it’s free of chlorine and phosphorus, which also makes it recycling-friendly
  • Readily filterable
  • Improved surface finishes due to less Built-Up Edge (BUE)
  • Higher turning speeds and feeds 

Jobz Professional Heavy Duty Cutting Oil is available in plastic quarts, gallons and five gallon containers and metal 55 gallon drums.

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