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Hand and Multi-Surface Wipes

Our citrus-scented Jobz hand wipes remove paint, grease, adhesive, caulk, lubricants, ink and other grime without drying your hands. No water required.

They’re loaded with more soaps than the major brands which pull more filth off your hands. Yet they don’t leave a hazy film on your tools or other hard surfaces.

They are soothing to your hands because they:

  1. Contain Aloe and ProVitamin B5, healing and moisturizing agents that prevent drying and cracking
  2. Don’t contain alcohol or hazardous volatile organic compounds, VOCs
  3. Don’t require hand washing with soap and water after use

One 10″ x 12″ side is coarse for tough cleaning; the other side is smooth for gentler tasks. 

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Our Hand and Multi-Surface Wipes are part of our Jobz Professional family of heavy duty industrial products.

Jobz Professional
72 wipes/tub.

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Jobz Three Year Old Bucket Testimonial

”Applied, I thought you’d like to see my 3 ½ year old container of Jobz hand wipes. I can’t believe they’re still moist. They’re a little dryer than when new, but still work really well. I use them after greasy jobs like working on my lawnmowers or cars. First I clean my hands then clean my tools and parts of my equipment with the same wipe. It’s amazing how much gunk they absorb, and they don’t dry or crack my hands. Impressive!”
Raymond J

“We get messy in kindergarten! The Jobz wipes have proven to be the best cleaning product for the classroom and the children time and time again. They are gentle on the skin; I don’t allow the children to use other harsh cleaning products, but I will let them use the Jobz wipes. The Jobz wipes have a pleasant and mild citrus scent. I like the fact that they don’t break apart, and you can dry and reuse them. They are great for everyday clean-up. Jobz wipes have also tackled the toughest tape residue on my classroom cabinets, doors, and blinds that other harsh chemicals couldn’t remove for years. The school custodian was so impressed; he’s ordering a bucket of Jobz for every classroom. As a kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend Jobz wipes for your classroom. (I also use them at home and in my car…but that’s another review.)”
Judy F

School Teacher Testimonial of Jobz Hand and Multi-Surface Wipes