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McCabe Indicator Pastes

McCabe Water Level and Gasoline Level Indicator Pastes

When applied to bobs and other gauging devices, these toothpaste-like mixtures turn colors to determine the level of gas or water – depending on the product chosen – in a tank. Formulated for the petroleum industry, they also have some petrochemical applications. For best shelf life, store between 50 – 85 °F / 10 – 29 °C. 

We perfected these two products for McCabe and Sons of Danville, Vermont and manufacture them in our facility.

McCabe H2O Plus Water Level Indicator Paste label

Dark green paste turns dark red when in contact with water. Use it to detect free water in almost all petroleum products – including ethanol gasoline – as well as some petrochemicals. Packaged in a 3.75 oz./106 g. Net Wt. jar. Keep cap tight to avoid moisture contamination. 3 year shelf life.

McCabe Gasoline Level Indicator Paste label

Light sky blue paste turns a darker blue when immersed in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, #2 heating oil, light crude oil, jet fuel and others. Packaged in a 3oz./85g. Net Wt. jar. 5 year shelf life. It separates over time and requires stirring to regain original color and consistency.

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