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Industrial Chemical Products

For deep cleaning of your equipment and facility, try our own Jobz Professional brand of industrial cleaners. We’ve formulated them for heavy duty applications, such as the removal of dried asphalt and concrete. 

Alternately, we can help you develop and manufacture a variety of private label industrial products, as we do for many others.

Their products include:

  • Water/gasoline indicator pastes for VT-based McCabe & Sons
  • Heavy duty washes and degreasers for a premier American supplier of touchless washes, wands, nozzles and accessories to the trucking industry
  • Outdoor fabric protectants for one of the world’s largest theme park companies 

Do you have an industrial product you want to refine? An idea for a new product you want to explore? Or a competitor’s product you want to displace with your own improved version?

Contact us today.

We have been using Applied Chemistries, Inc. to manufacture our formulas since 2017. We found them after an exhaustive, year-long search, having encountered quality and other issues with our previous supplier. Since switching, we have revitalized our business through both timely production and improvement of our product lines. Applied Chemistries is always looking for ways to enhance the efficacy, formulation and cost of our indicator pastes. Their professionalism and positive attitude make them a pleasure to work with.

Brud and Laura McCabe
McCabe & Sons, Inc.
Danville, VT