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Neutralizing Solutions

Neutralizing Solutions AC-20

Neutralizing Solutions AC-20

Lowers the pH of spent caustic plate developers, including thermal and violet chemistries, to conform to your local, state and federal safe discharge regulations. Works with Metafix, Procam and other equipment. We adjust the concentration to work with the plate developer and neutralizing equipment you use, so please contact us first. Contains cleaning agents so the mixture does not harden or crystallize in your neutralizing tanks or lines. Use manually with pH Hydrion paper.

Available in ready-to-use five and 55 gallon containers. Concentrate comes in gallons and five gallon containers.

AC-4 neutralizing solutions

Neutralizing Solution AC-4 – Color Changing Formulation

Lowers the pH of spent caustic solutions and will turn from a pink color to clear once neutralized.

Just add water to our powder concentrate, mix, and start adding to your caustic solutions. The color will change when the solution is neutralized.