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Ultimate Plate Cleaner & Scratch Remover

Ultimate Plate Cleaner & Scratch Remover - quart


The ULTIMATE PLATE CLEANER is a one of a kind multi-purpose plate cleaner, preserver, finisher, reconditioner, and short term storage solution. It is a clear liquid which can be used on all printing plates via hand or on the fly for high speed webs. It will not negatively affect fountain solutions.

Multiple Uses

Removes ink and Surface Scratches
Reconditions Plate Surface
On-the-Fly plate cleaner
Short Term Storage Finisher
Revitalize previously stored plates
Use by hand or in Automatic Plate Clean Up devices


Our Ultimate Plate Cleaner Concentrate is used as a 1 to 4 concentrate. 1-quart of Concentrate will make 1-gallon of Ready to Use Plate Cleaner. This product has additives and buffers to handle all water conditions including high and low pH, and hard and soft water conditions.

Ready to use available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallons and 55-gallon drums. Concentrate Available in quarts and gallons.

Related Products

DECAL Fount Decalcifier

DECAL Fount Decalcifier

This proven and highly effective fount decalicifier contains a highly effective chelater of Calcium Carbonate. It reacts quickly and effectively with Calcium Carbonate to keep it solubilized in water and prevent it from building up on rollers, blankets, plates etc. Greatly reduces the risk of Roller Stripping and Glazing problems. This product also provides additional pH buffering capacity which greatly improves ink/water stability over long runs and overall print quality.

Available in 4 x 1-gallon cases.

Power House Roller Deglazer and Cleaner

Power House Roller Deglazer and Cleaner

Strong roller deglazer removes calcium, paper dust, ink, and other impurities to rejuvenate your rollers. Cures most roller related problems including toning, tinting, striping, etc. Highly concentrated, excellent value.

Available in quarts and gallons.

Calcium Slayer and Flush

Calcium Slayer & Flush

Designed for simple but highly effective deeper cleaning of severely calcium-glazed and contaminated rubber rollers, including EPDM. This two-step, odorless cleaning system works on sheetfed and web presses. It contains no VOC. Is California Prop 65 exempt. Is compatible with UV, conventional, LED, and HUV inks. And is water-based and biodegradable. With weekly use, you will see a dramatic improvement in roller life and ink/water balance.

Available in quarts and gallons.

Power House Universal Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate

Power House Universal Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate

Superior general purpose cleaner that removes ink, grease, dirt, oil, adhesive, caulk, and other pressroom grime. Biodegradable and low VOC.

Available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallons and 55-gallons.

Storage Gum

Storage Gum

Use it when storing any metal plate for one year or more.

Available in quarts and gallons.

Primo FPC Plate Cleaner - quart

Primo FPC Plate Cleaner

Medium strength plate cleaner, preserver, and finisher quickly removes ink, scum, surface scratches, and sensitivity on all CTP and conventional plates, without attacking plate image. Apply it by hand and buff it dry for long term storage.

Available in quarts and gallons.