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Real-Time Pressroom Audit

Apple FaceTime and Google Duo logos
Using the Apple FaceTime or Google Duo apps, we will conduct a real-time audit of your pressroom.

How to Set Up a Real-Time Pressroom Audit with Us

Whether you own an Apple iPhone or Android (Google) smartphone – such as a Samsung, Pixel, or Moto phone – you can video chat with us, show us your pressroom and have us discuss issues with your press operators through free apps.

Apple FaceTime only works between iPhones. Duo works between iPhones, between Android phones and between iPhones and Android phones.

FaceTime should be included on your iPhone. If not, click on the Apps app storeicon on your iPhone, search for and download the free FaceTime app facetimeand set it up.

If you own an Android smartphone and don’t have the Duo app installed, click the Google Play store google playicon, search for and download the free Duo app google duoand set it up.

Then phone to tell us which app you’re using. We’ll give you the phone number to dial.

Once we connect, you’ll click an icon on your smartphone screen which switches from front facing camera to the rear camera. Then you’ll use your smartphone to show us around and have us meet your press operators.

Video chat is a fast and efficient way for us to gain an understanding of your issues and hopefully solve them on-the-spot.AUdit