The Quality Assurance Department at Applied Chemistries Inc has the First and Final say in everything we manufacture. From the raw materials we utilize in our products all the way through to our Customers Application. Quality and consistency of product has been the key to our success.

  • Our Chemists determine the exact grade, purity, and specification of each raw material purchased.
  • Every incoming raw material goes through inspection and testing prior to use.
  • Lot # traceability from raw material through finished product.
  • All scales, meters, test equipment, and analytical instruments are calibrated prior to use.
  • Detailed manufacturing instructions on each production batch sheet are documented including order of addition, mix times, lot numbers, safe handling procedures, packaging requirements and testing required.
  • Finished Products are exhaustively tested prior to packaging.
  • Product specifications are plotted and continually reviewed and tightened to ensure increasing consistency of our products.
  • Any and all customer complaints are investigated, tracked, and sent through a rigorous continual improvement process.