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Chemical Process Development

Having worked with clients across industry verticals for a wide range of applications, we have extensive experience and skills in creating an efficient manufacturing process that works well at the industrial scale. The team’s multidisciplinary approach ensures in-depth optimization of chemical processes at multiple stages to achieve a measurable improvement in the process economics, safety, overall yield, and quality.


At Applied Chemistries, we take great pride in our robust research and development capabilities. Consisting of seasoned chemists, researchers, and engineers who collaborate closely with external scientists and industry consultants, we are fully capable of working with clients from various industries. Whether focusing on small projects that require a fast turn-around-time or large-scale market redefining projects that require considerable time and effort, we’re in it till the end.


We have a large inventory of equipment for various types of productions. We use what we’ve learned through lab-scale R&D trials to assist you in ramping up your project to production. We aim to optimize throughput rates, quality controls, and overall processing parameters during scale-up to provide a smooth transition to production.

Production & Manufacturing

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Our goal is to get your project to production quickly, efficiently, and within all essential safety and industrial parameters. When a project moves from the research and scale-up phase to the production phase, our primary goal as your chemical manufacturing partner is to maximize efficiencies and achieve optimal pricing.

Intellectual Property Management

We understand that intellectual property is critical to both our customers and our own success. Over the years that we have collaborated with clients, we know that what matters most is a free, and open sharing of mission-critical information. While pretty much essential to the ultimate success of a project, it is often hampered by questions arising out of IP rights. What we’ve learned is that rather than getting bogged down in the legalities and hindering the flow of essential information, it makes more sense to work out new agreements which make the client the owner of any newly created IP, while we retain the right to use the technology outside your specific industry.

Environmental Health & Safety

Regardless of the industry they cater to or manufacture for, chemical companies across the country must adhere to a comprehensive list of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations that impact production, distribution, storage, and usage processes. With decades of experience behind us operating within these regulations, we are adept at anticipating, monitoring, and managing these implications, providing insight on how they are likely to impact your supply and manufacturing capabilities.

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