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Private Label Product Development

Private Label Development in Our Lab
Creating a private label product in our lab.

Do you have an idea for a product you want produced under your own name but don’t know how to proceed?

Are you certain you can perfect a superior, competitive version of an existing product but don’t know how to proceed?

Do you simply want to improve a product you’ve been manufacturing for years?

Here’s how we can help:

  1. We meet with you to discuss your goals, reviewing a long list of properties and specifications including performance requirements, quality, environmental, health and safety, packaging, shelf life and more
  2.  If your intent is to produce an improved version of a competitor’s product, we gather samples to analyze and consider the advantages of reverse engineering, if necessary
  3. Our chemists and production department meet to discuss possible formulations and manufacturing requirements 
  4. When necessary, we consult with our network of university and business advisors to determine if they’ve tackled similar opportunities and apply institutional research to your application 
  5. We agree on a formulation and produce samples
  6. You test them and provide feedback
  7. We go back and forth adjusting the formula, if necessary, until it fits your exact needs
  8. You decide the extent of our involvement. Do we manufacture, package, store and ship directly to your customers, or ship to you for distribution to your customers?
  9. Under contract, we purchase appropriate production, packaging and labeling lines
  10. We create necessary SDS sheets and GHS hazardous labeling