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When you face a chemical problem – printing or industrial – with no solution in sight, contact us.

Our typical 7-step process in solving your problem goes like this:

  1. We meet with you to review, measure and collect data on your current process to help uncover the root cause of your problem
  2. With data in hand, we discuss the issue with our chemists and application professionals, first querying our database for companies like yours that may have had similar issues in the past 
  3. Likewise, we tap the expertise of universities and major chemical companies with whom we’ve had relationships for years   
  4. After analyzing the alternatives, we settle on a probable solution 
  5. We produce a process or a formulation in our lab and send it to you
  6. You test it and provide feedback
  7. We continually adjust and improve the formula or process until it fulfils your exact needs and you are totally satisfied
Creating a formulation that solved a problem.

Case Study

A premier Northeast packaging printer was running its press at 14,000 sheets per hour while trying to reach the manufacturer’s 17,000 spec. They were having serious problems with ink building-up on press rollers and printed colors not being consistent.

What we did:

  • Observed the issue and came back to our lab to formulate a mixture specifically for their print environment that ensures non-image areas of printing plates repel ink 
  • Optimized their system that uses the mixture
  • Created a professional press maintenance program 


  • Customer now sees consistent run times of 17,000 sheets per hour – a 21.5% gain – without the original adverse effects
  • Ink and water requirements are down 8-10%

Do you have a chemical problem you can’t solve?

Ink build up on rollers
Ink build up on printing press rollers.